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Vampire-O Fun!!

To our vampire-avoiding orienteers who ran around Danehy Park, chomping candy and finding checkpoints, check if you’re in the 2023 Vampire-O video!

Many thanks to the Navigation Games volunteers, including the CRLS Orienteering team and David Landrigan, their coach for all the help. Huge appreciation to the Mayor’s Office of Sumbul Siddiqui for co-sponsoring the event and ensuring that another exciting and scary Vampire-O took place.

173 participants in teams ran around Danehy, using their map navigation skills to find checkpoints in the dark. Teams had to work together and avoid groups of vampires (unless they had immunity with garlic, holy water or a wooden stake) and get back to homebase within an hour, if they didn’t want points deducted. Upper school team orienteers from Amigos, CSUS and PAUS, as well as teams of students from all the elementary and upper schools, and the high school participated and everyone got home safely!

The aim of Vampire-O is for everyone to have fun, improve their navigation skills and kick off the Halloween week with a sugar high! Navigation Games can happily say that the participants were successful in all of these, with many students now looking forward to the orienteering programming in the upper schools - during PE and the spring season (beginning April 29th). Save the date for the upper school orienteering championship on June 11th! And hope to see you next year for more Vampire-fun!

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