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Orienteers in Residence

Spend three months in the US teaching orienteering!


Navigation Games is seeking young orienteering enthusiasts (aged 19+) who want to spend a few months in the US training teachers and teaching orienteering to children. Housing is provided to volunteers and you’ll have opportunities to race and train yourself in our northeastern terrain. We are seeking volunteers who are enthusiastic about orienteering and kids; if you have experience teaching or coaching, that would be super awesome. We are open to hosting friends, couples, and even families with children.


Three months in the spring, summer or fall.


You will live in a house in Cambridge or elsewhere in the Northeast USA with other orienteers. You may share a room. Everyone helps out with meals and cleanup.


You will volunteer to teach our orienteering programs in schools and to educators. In addition, you may be a coach for middle or high school teams; teach after school classes for children aged 7-11; create educational videos; make small maps; and generally be excited and get the word out about orienteering!