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Review: Boojum Rock

Keegan Harkavy reviews orienteering at Boojum Rock


Close to Boston and other cities

Mostly wooded

Biggish (about 2.5 km2)

Lots of trails for beginners

Some tricky places for more experienced runners

Good features like contours



LOTS of thorny bushes off-trail

Map is out of date

Hard to make advanced courses due to the amount trails



Boojum rock is about 30 minutes north of Boston. It is a mostly wooded area with plenty of boulders and cliffs. To add to this, there are a fair number of hills that make interesting contours. There is a fair amount of green-briar (thorns) once you go off trail, so beware. The map is also a little out of date, but is still pretty good compared to many others. Even though there are a few tricky places, Boojum on the whole has a too many trails and is too small to do many very advanced courses. Its proximity to Boston and good woods, however, make it the perfect place for beginner or intermediate orienteers to train.

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