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New Leadership at Navigation Games

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the growth of Navigation Games – the well-deserved promotion of Maija Pratt to the position of Executive Director. Since joining our team in December 2022, Maija has proven herself to be an indispensable force in both administration and programming. Working in close collaboration with President Barb Bryant, Maija has played a pivotal role in our organization's operations. From outreach efforts with new and existing clients to providing valuable support in orienteering instruction, Maija has demonstrated exceptional dedication and competence.

Going forward, in her new role, she’ll work with the Board of Directors to define our strategy to implement our mission of bringing orienteering education to children. She’ll be the face of Navigation Games within our community and with collaborators and partners. She’ll manage the finances and staffing of the organization as we ramp up in 2024 to bring orienteering to new school districts, and provide in-person and online workshops for educators throughout the country.

Here are some key projects on our agenda for the upcoming year:

  • Cambridge Public Schools: Collaborate with PE teachers to implement orienteering units in 3rd grade, including a year-end orienteering jamboree celebration, and within the high school. Establish in-school programming and after-school teams at the upper school levels.

  • Brookline Public Schools: Support the introduction of new orienteering programs in elementary schools.

  • Outreach: Expand our reach to new schools and districts interested in orienteering education.

  • Workshops: Conduct workshops for teachers at conferences covering various subjects such as math, environmental studies, experiential learning, and physical education.

  • Kits, maps and lesson plans: Ensure that teachers have the materials they need.

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Maija ( as she steps into her new role. Her passion and expertise will undoubtedly help Navigation Games to many new places in the coming years. 

Congratulations, Maija!

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Congrats Maija!!


Susi Rutz
Susi Rutz
Jan 29

congratulation to the great development work


That's great!

Geoff Pingree


Congratulations Maija!!! The short time I worked with you I was very impressed with your quick response to my questions and your knowledge and enthusiasm for Navigation Games. Best of everything in your new role.

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