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Fun at Girls In Sports Night

In January, Navigation Games teamed up with the CRLS orienteering team to run an orienteering station at Girls in Sports night. The gym at the CRLS was packed with K-8th graders trying out new sports for the first time, taking on new challenges in sports they already love, and enjoying a night of activity with their friends and family. 

We may have had just one small corner of the gym for our station (orienteering can be done anywhere!), but that didn’t constrain the energy of our visitors. Kids visiting our station explored orienteering through Animal-O and Geometric-O activities, using cards with animal illustrations or a map to follow a particular route through a network of cones. The Animal-O was especially popular, with many kids returning for second, third, and fourth animal cards until they had completed every route. 

Girls in Sports night was a window into the impact of orienteering education in Cambridge’s schools. We loved the opportunity to introduce the sport to new visitors, and just as special was seeing how many kids came to our station already familiar with orienteering and ready to share their skills with friends and family. “I do this in my school!” was an exclamation we heard frequently throughout the night.

Thank you to the Cambridge Women’s Commission for organizing the event!

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