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At-Home Orienteering Games

We are excited to share our at-home orienteering games! When we realized that kids would be home for a while, and PE teachers were looking for things kids could do at home, Ethan and I got to work. We created a progression of lessons that can be done by kids at home, indoors. The lessons focus on exploring a space looking for objects, spatial memory, representing objects and spaces with written maps, orienting maps, and using maps to find objects. Along the way we talk about scale, legends (keys), route choice, and what it feels like to build up a mental map of a space.


Please note: Our programming and business has taken a severe hit due to covid-19; if you enjoy these lessons, please consider making a donation to Navigation Games. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Also, please send us an email ( with your feedback!

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