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Students will use a model village to practice the relationship between objects, view a space from the top-down, and begin to develop basic concepts of matching objects to shapes on a map. 


  • Spatial Awareness

  • Symbols

  • Map Orientation

  • Top-Down Perspective

  • Teamwork

  • Communication


  • 5-7 Objects

    • 3-4 Different types

      • Popsicle sticks

      • Lego houses

      • Rocks

  • Blank paper

  • Pencils

  • Flat surface

  • Obstacle course obstacles


Orienteering maps show objects in real life. Students will use a tiny village to learn how to read a map, and will then play a game in the tiny village. In order to play the game, students will have to learn how to identify objects based on their shapes, how to orient a map to match real life, and work together as a team. 


Copycat: Students copy whatever movements the instructor demonstrates, or follow whichever instructions are provided by the teacher. 

Obstacle Course: Students run, jump, and crawl their way through a series of obstacles as quickly as they can.


Tabletop-O - Students use a variety of objects and maps to make tiny villages, understand the relationship between 2D shapes and 3D objects, and play a hide-and-seek game inside of the tiny village. 


  • What did we learn about the shapes of objects? Do they look different depending on which side you look at them?

  • Why do we draw maps based on looking down from above? What would happen if we tried to draw a map based on what we see from the ground?

  • What was challenging about deciding which map matched the village?

  • How did you work together to find the scrap of paper, and later to build a village? What other ways can you work together?


Treasure Collectors: Students hide and find objects scattered throughout the area.


It is very important to start with an active warm-up game, since many students are eager to move around and play after a day of school. We also want kids to be fit and healthy, so it's important to offset a slow-paced learning activity with a fast-paced fun activity.

It is also important to emphasize teamwork during this activity. Teaching the kids to work together and cooperate will not only make your life easier, but it is a crucial life skill for them to develop as well.

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