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Navigation Games programs are eligible for COVID relief funds. Learn how Navigation Games can help your school find the way to a healthier, happier return from COVID!

My best moment was when my group didn't know where we were going, and together we figured it out.”   - Navigation Games student feedback survey response

Why Orienteering? Why Now?


Navigation Games is a non-profit that offers fun, collaborative outdoor experiences through the sport of orienteering. In our programs, young people work together to find a series of checkpoints on an outdoor course using maps. The course can be in a local park, on the school grounds, or even around a city neighborhood. Kids learn how to use maps and to see their environment with new eyes, and they practice collaborative problem solving to navigate the course. 


Research shows that exposure to nature measurably reduces stress, increases happiness, and helps with focus and attention in young people. Navigation Games helps kids experience nature and connect with their peers through playful, collaborative challenges. In the process, kids practice the teamwork skills necessary to be healthy, resilient learners.

What We Offer

  • Team Building. Planning a back to school orientation for teachers or students? Navigation Games offers standalone workshops ranging from two hours to two days. These are a great way to reconnect and build a safe, healthy, collaborative foundation for the school year!


  • Outdoor Education. Looking for ways to bring learning outside? Navigation Games can train your teachers in our orienteering curriculum for elementary, middle and high school. Our curricula give your school the tools to integrate collaboration, problem-solving, and wellness into your educational program.


  • Physical Education and Afterschool Programs. Our trained orienteers can run a multi-week unit or project as part of your phys ed or afterschool programming. We can use your school grounds, local neighborhood, or nearby parks. Navigation Games programs integrate PE standards as well as 21st century skills, and we’re experienced with all grade levels!

Use Federal Funding for Navigation Games


Navigation Games programs are eligible for ESSER funds! Our programs are based on evidence-based principles and can be an important part of your COVID recovery plan. Specifically:

ESSER Allowable Activities (source: MA DESE ESSER II Quick Reference Guide

  • “Social Emotional Supports, Parent and Student Engagement: to address student mental health and wellbeing and engagement in learning.”  The peace of nature and the joy of playful collaboration are powerful ways for young people to reconnect! Navigation Games brings these healing effects together in activities that fit easily into phys ed, after school, and orientation programs. As we emerge from the pandemic, Navigation Games can help you build happy, healthy communities that get kids ready to learn!


ESSER Funds can be used for programs eligible for federal Title IV Student Support and Academic Enrichment grants (source: Non-Regulator Guidance, SSAE). Specifically,

  • Well-Rounded Educational Opportunities through community partnership (ESEA section 4107: Navigation Games teaches students key geography skills like map use and spatial reasoning, and can be a valuable part of an environmental education program. 

Safe and Healthy Students (ESEA section 4108): Community partnerships for programs that support a healthy, active lifestyle. Orienteering is a sport that exercises the mind and body. It gives participants new ways to experience the joy of being outside, while exploring local green spaces and parks. Our programs help kids develop confidence and skills to make the outdoors a part of their healthy and active lifestyle.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact us!

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