Navigation Games

We teach kids to orienteer!

Welcome MSYEP participants!

Thanks for your interest in Navigation Games. Take a look around, feel free to ask us any questions you may have, and we hope to see you at one of our upcoming events. Note also that the CRLS orienteering team is recruiting beginners and experienced orienteers for the fall season now! You can sign up at the CRLS Athletics website (registration deadline August 14th).

School Programs

Navigation Games is scheduling its fall outreach programs. We are available now through December to visit schools and provide one-hour introductions, two-day immersions, and teacher training workshops. For more information, please visit our School Programs page!

Upcoming Navigation Games public events

Date Event Location
Sun 23 Sep 2018 NEOC: Youth Series #3 Great Brook Farm, Carlisle
Sat 29 Sep 2018 Forest-X #1 Long Pond (Sheepfold), Medford
Sat 13 Oct 2018 Forest-X #2 Long Pond (West), Medford
Sun 28 Oct 2018 NEOC/CSU: Youth Series #4 Rocky Woods Reservation, Medfield
Sun 04 Nov 2018 Forest-X #3 Boojum Rock, Medford
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All Welcome!

Everyone is welcome at our public events; no experience necessary! We'll provide instruction and everything you need to try orienteering for the first time!

We teach kids to orienteer!

Our mission is to teach Cambridge-area children how to read maps, navigate, work as a team, make decisions, and act independently, all through the sport of orienteering. Orienteering is a sport where participants find checkpoints marked on a map.

More about orienteering


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School Teachers

Let us bring Navigation Games to you! Our experienced staff can help you develop orienteering programs for in-school activities, field trips, after-school programs, and more!


Children love the thrill of finding checkpoints! We have activities and clinics open to all beginners, kids and adults alike.


We're always looking for help with Navigation Games activities. Teaching clinics, setting courses, putting out controls, or anything you can do to help us out is greatly appreciated!

What is orienteering?








Orienteering is a sport where participants find checkpoints marked on a map. It's basically a more awesome version of a scavenger hunt that's fun for all ages, and can be done casually or competitively. There are many different ways to orienteer, and many different activities that involve orienteering skills. Read more about our various navigation games.