For Schools

Navigation Games is experienced in teaching lessons, leading activities, and designing lesson plans for use in schools by teachers and volunteers. Our preferred mode is to work with an empowered team of teachers and administrators to identify ways to add orienteering to PE and STEM curricula, and as a means to develop a stronger sense of community. We like to start off in a new school district with demonstration lessons for students, and an introductory workshop for teachers.

We provide materials, instructions and staff to oversee the programs. You supply teachers and chaperones to work with us, manage the children, and participate in the activities. We work with you ahead of time to optimize the program for your school or district.  


Teacher Workshops

We will provide a workshop to educate teachers and staff about what orienteering is, and how they can incorporate it into their own classes, including using orienteering as a framework for STEM subjects.  


Classes & Intensives

We can provide introductions, classes and intensives that are designed to give students a more complete and immersive orienteering experience, and will focus on developing skills through fun and educational activities throughout the day, located on school grounds, a nearby park or the forest.


School Teams

Schools are encouraged to organize their own teams and clubs, and to compete at local events open to the public, hosted by the New England Orienteering Club and Cambridge Sports Union. Our staff can advise coaches on creating a series of training exercises and developing your team. We are available to provide a weekly practice in the woods and welcome any school team or club to participate. 


At-Home Orienteering

Many students are home from school because of the coronavirus pandemic. We can help you create neighborhood courses throughout your district, and accompanying answer sheets, for students and families to do on their own while practicing social distancing. We can also provide online lesson plans that develop the skills to enable children to do the courses, and tailor them to your class. 

Our School Partners

Morse School, Cambridge, MA

Vassal Lane Upper School, Cambridge, MA

Newton Country Day School, Newton, MA

Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, Sudbury, MA

Cambridge Public Schools, Cambridge, MA (Girls in Sports Day)

Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School, Cambridge, MA

Putnam Avenue Upper School, Cambridge, MA

Amigos Upper School, Cambridge, MA

Cambridge Street Upper School, Cambridge, MA

Fitzgerald Community School, Cambridge, MA

Amigos-Cambridgeport Community School, Cambridge, MA

Fletcher Maynard Community School, Cambridge, MA

Linnaean Community School, Cambridge, MA

Graham and Parks School, Cambridge, MA

Cambridge Montessori School, Cambridge, MA

Charles River School, Dover, MA

Chelmsford Public Schools, Chelmsford, MA

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