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** We're Hiring! ** Map Webinar **

Updated: Apr 7

- Join us on April 11 for a forum about maps - See details below -

In this post: (1) jobs available, and (2) April 11th online forum about getting orienteering maps made.

Do you have youth programming experience and a strong work ethic? Do you want to teach children important life skills, while being active outdoors? Do you want to work with educators, to multiply your positive impact on the community? Do you want to develop yourself by learning new skills and knowledge? If you want to enable access to the sport of orienteering, while promoting public health through outdoor exercise and you have a sense of humor, flexibility, patience and a passion for youth development, check out our job descriptions!

We are looking to build out our Program team and recruit a Program Manager and / or a Program Associate. We are recruiting motivated individuals with effective communication skills and behavior management skills, who are safety conscious, culturally sensitive and strong team players. We provide on-the-job training - we can even teach you orienteering - so that you can round out the expertise needed to excel at your role.

To apply for one of our program delivery positions, or to find out more, please send an email to Maija at

And finally, an announcement: our President Barb Bryant along with the other members of the Orienteering USA Youth Mapping Project (YMP) invite you to join them for a forum on April 11th at 8:30 pm Eastern Time on Google Meet at

The YMP's goals are to introduce orienteering to as many youth as possible, to develop orienteering mappers, and to create teaching maps in relatively small areas, to start new orienteering programs in schools and other youth-serving organizations. If you are an aspiring orienteering map-maker, or someone from a school or youth organization looking for a map, or a member of an orienteering club wondering how to respond to inquiries from schools, please join us!

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