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These plans were developed together with Amanda Klein at Lincoln-Sudbury High School, and presented at MAHPERD 2018. Navigation Games authors include Ethan Childs, Cristina Luis and Barb Bryant.


Erin Schirm developed and shared with us orienteering lesson plans for middle school. The boundary run and game, as
well as the gathering in response to a signal, were based on his first lesson plan. Erin’s approach of using games and
emphasizing communication has been an inspiration.

The Arithmetic Grid O game was taken from the Counting Cones activity in British Orienteering’s Tri-O packet.

Animal-O: Andrea Schneider of Orienteering USA and David Yee observed animal orienteering in Europe and brought
back reports, and our first animal O activities were based on those reports.

Navigation Games staff including Ethan Childs, Melanie Sergiev, Adam Miller, Evalin Brautigam, Cristina Luis, Barbara
Bryant, Josivan Juan de Oliveira, Violeta Feliciano, Juan Manuel Merida, Pavla Zdrahalova de Oliveira, Maria Brezinova,
Tomáš Kamaryt. The staff helped us to develop and try out our lessons.

Navigation Games Board of Directors, including Deb Humiston, David Yee, Katia Bertoldi and Sara Mae Berman, Linda
Fobes, and Julia Bishop. Linda and Julia helped us with lesson plan design. 

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