Fall Treasure Hunt/Map Races

Come join us for our Fall Treasure Hunt and Map Race Series where you will have to navigate to hidden checkpoints outlined on a map!  This series is meant for orienteers of all ages and skill levels; there will be a non-competitive treasure hunt and a classic mass start score-O* race at each event. Our goal is for as many people to experience the sport of orienteering as possible! No matter if you have zero experience or if you're a world-class runner, this series is for you! Scroll down for more details about the treasure hunt and score-O.

We will be holding these events at four different locations for six weeks throughout the fall, so you have the opportunity to improve your skills and find more treasure each week if you so desire. A $7 entry fee is required with pre-registration and a $15 fee at the door (we are a non-profit and welcome additional donations); kids under the age of six can participate for free.  No one will be turned away due to finances.

At the end of October, there will be a Vampire-O event at Danehy Park! Vampire-O is a festive combination of treasure hunting, orienteering, Halloween, and tag, with fun prizes at the end for every participant!

To register yourself and/or a group for the events, please follow each of these steps:

  1. Purchase tickets for Treasure Hunt/Map Races here ($7/each).
  2. Purchase tickets for Vampire-O here.
  3. Provide names and information about the participants in your group here.
  4. Waiver for minors; Waiver for adults.

If you have any questions, email admin@navigationgames.org!  

Event details:

Each race will have two waves—one for youths, families, and non-competitive participants, and another for competitive participants.

In the first category, kids (pirates) and their families will follow their map to collect checkpoints. Every child gets an item from the treasure chest at the end, but the pirate with the most points selects their item first. 

The competitive race for adults and youth will be a classic mass start orienteering score-O*. After, there will be a discussion of route choice and execution for those interested in improving their navigation skills. In addition, we will be sharing information and exercises from the St Etienne method that led to the meteoric rise of French champion Thierry Gueorgiou and his teammates.

(These events are a joint project between Navigation Games and the Cambridge Sports Union.)

*The second event at MIT will be an orienteering Sprint, not a mass-start Score-O.

Date Event Location
Wed 30 Oct 2019 Vampire-O Danehy Park, Cambridge
Wed 23 Oct 2019 Treasure Hunt and Map Race MIT Campus, Cambridge, MA
Wed 16 Oct 2019 Treasure Hunt and Map Race Fresh Pond, Cambridge
Wed 09 Oct 2019 Treasure Hunt and Map Race North Point Park, Cambridge
Wed 02 Oct 2019 Treasure Hunt and Map Race Danehy Park, Cambridge
Wed 25 Sep 2019 Treasure Hunt and Map Race MIT Campus, Cambridge, MA
Wed 18 Sep 2019 Treasure Hunt and Map Race Fresh Pond, Cambridge