Forest-X #1 on September 29th is CANCELLED. 

Forest-X #2 on October 13th is CANCELLED.

Forest-X #3 on November 4th is CANCELED.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

-Robert Frost

Izzy running

Welcome to Forest-X

Forest-X is, in the simplest sense, a trail race. There is a start, a finish, and a marked path to guide competitors from one to the other.

Unlike other races, you don't have to follow the marked path. If you study the course ahead of time, plan your route, and run with confidence, you will be able to find clever ways to get ahead of the pack.

In other words, Forest-X is a trail race where you can outsmart the competition. The only requirement is that every racer visits 10 checkpoints marked along the route in sequential order. Every racer will be provided with a map at the start, indicating where along the course each checkpoint is. Of course, for those just looking to get out and do a 5km or 10km race, it is always fine to ignore shortcuts, follow the marked route, and run as hard as you can.


Forest-X Details

Forest-X is a 5km or 10km race (10km is 2 laps or a longer loop) with 10 checkpoints along the route. Prior to the start, each participant will receive a timing chip and a map which shows the marked route, location of the 10 checkpoints, and additional detail for the surrounding terrain (such as trails, contours, and vegetation information).

While reading and using the map is not mandatory, participants who combine their physical strengths with their mental faculties will have a significant advantage over the competition. But be warned—trying to be too clever might result in taking a wrong turn or becoming lost!

The 5km loop will still be marked with hanging streamers for those participants who choose not to risk shortcuts, and some difficult intersections will be marked off with streamer tape to help clarify the intended route.

At each of the 10 checkpoints there will be an orange and white flag on a metal stand with a little blue box on top. Participants will need to place their timing chip on top of the blue box (specifically over a hole in the blue box), and wait until the box flashes and they hear a beep—this process takes about 1 second if you're quick.

As long as participants visit all 10 checkpoints in order, it does not matter how they choose to get there (so long as they avoid out-of-bounds areas marked on the map). Crossing streamer tape is totally allowed!


Date and Time

Forest-X #1 - CANCELLED
Date: Saturday, September 29th
Check-in/Registration: 11:00 am
Start: 12:00 pm

Forest-X #2 - CANCELLED
Date: Saturday, October 13th
Check-in/Registration: 11:00 am
Start: 12:00 pm

Forest-X #3 - CANCELLED
Date: Sunday, November 4th
Check-in/Registration: 11:00 am
Start: 12:00 pm

We recommend participants arrive early to check-in, and to receive their maps and timing pieces.


Location and Parking

For all events parking may be limited, so we STRONGLY RECOMMEND CARPOOLING!

Forest-X #1 (Sep. 29th) - CANCELLED

Forest-X #2 (Oct. 13th) - CANCELLED

Forest-X #3 (Nov. 4th) - CANCELLED

Once again, parking is limited for all events, so be sure to arrive early if you want a spot, or better yet, CARPOOL!

Seriously, though. Try to carpool. Parking can fill up quickly on the weekends, and nobody wants a ticket.


Race Fees

Adult (18+)
Individual Race: $25

Junior (<18)
Individual Race: $20



Awards will be given to the top male and female runners in the regular and junior categories. Prizes are edible.


Race Director

This event will be organized by Ethan Childs, from Navigation Games. The courses are designed by a Navigation Games youth employee and CRLS student, Keegan Harkavy.


Where your money goes

This Forest-X event is being held to help raise money for Navigation Games. NG is a non-profit in Cambridge dedicated to teaching children how to read maps, work as a team, make decisions, and act independently, all through the sport of orienteering. The money from Forest-X races will help fund Navigation Games' effort to establish orienteering as a youth sport in several local communities.



For more information about Forest-X, Navigation Games, or orienteering, please call Ethan Childs at (802)324-8982, or through email at

Get ready!

Want to get ahead of the competition? Check out the course maps and scope out your shortcuts now! The loops are approximately 5km long if you follow the marked route (10km race is two laps).

2018 11-Forest-X #2.jpgForest-X #2.5


Maprunner-map-symbols.jpgMap legend


Register for Forest-X

Sign up today, discounted entry if you sign up for all three Fall 2018 Forest-X events! Entry fees are discounted for Juniors (18 and under).
Note: If you don't have your own electronic punch (SI-card) just leave that field blank and we'll loan you one, free of charge.

Not sure if you can make it? Sign up anyway, as we'll give you a full refund if you let us know you can't make it at least a week before the race and 50% if you let us know in the last week.

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