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Contains materials for the following activities:

  • Animal Orienteering (streamers, clue sheets)
  • Geometric Orienteering (maps, cones)
  • Basketball Orienteering (maps)
  • Clothespin Hunt
  • Activity descriptions
  • Information about orienteering, our educational approach, and learning objectives mapped to national standards

Suitable for use with up to 25 students at a time.

Includes one hour of free online consultation with Navigation Games staff.


Orienteering is navigating between checkpoints shown on a map. It teaches kids spatial relationships, spatial memory, critical thinking, how to orient themselves to the world, map-reading, pacing, and much more. It can be used in conjunction with other academic subjects.


The kit works well with children age 4-17. For younger children, our main goal is to create a fun progression that builds the ability to recognize boundaries, explore, find things in sequence, return upon a signal, relate a map to features in real life. We want to take it slowly enough that every child can be successful, but make it fun so that nobody is bored. Older kids will move more quickly through the beginning activities; the materials can be used in more advanced games too. 


You can choose which series you'd like, including customized. 

The symbols series uses international standard orienteering map symbols. We will adjust it, for free, to symbols on your school or park orienteering map.

Beginning Orienteering Instruction Kit

SKU: K-MC-001
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