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The Navigation Games Holiday Tree

By Ethan Childs

In case you hadn't heard, the holidays are approaching! Festive lights decorate houses, stores and streets, cars can be seen with trees strapped to their roofs, and people are in a rush all over to find the perfects gifts for the ones they care about.

Here at Navigation Games, as firm believers in consumerism, we too are participating in the holiday events.

Like many other households in the area, we've decided to bring a piece of the forest into our own home. Unlike many other households in the area, we have this weird obsession with running around the forest for fun; trying to find little white and orange flags.

With the addition of the tree, our favorite past time has become much easier, because now the forest is in our living room! Feast your eyes on the Navigation Games Holiday Tree:

If ever a thing embodied what it means to be an orienteer, that thing would be three-quarter length tights and tall socks soaked through with water and caked in mud. If anything else came close, it would be a holiday tree covered in orienteering paraphernalia. Fortunately we've had our fair share of muddy socks this year, so a chance to bring a little piece of the woods into our house and disguise it like a string-O is more than enough for us.

And lucky for us, we happen to have a ton of orange streamer tape and mini-controls lying around the house which are the perfect size and shape for our new holiday tree! Sure, we have some colorful ornaments and shiny garlands, but why would we use when the only colors we want are orange and white? It may look simple, dull, or confusing, but for dedicated orienteers such as ourselves, this tree is the very embodiment of beauty.

Because at Navigation Games, the holidays aren't just the last few weeks of the year when we get to buy fresh socks, or get stylish new clothes because all our other shirts have been ripped to shreds. A holiday for us is every chance we get to surround ourselves with orienteering, to be with our fellow athletes, and to turn a small tree into a tribute for our favorite sport. We do really like the fresh socks and shirts, though.

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