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MSYEP Week 1

By Ethan Childs

This week was our first week in the Mayor´s Program! 

Us Mayor´s Program kids were separated into four different groups, each in charge of important tasks: the marketing group, the fundraising group, the teaching group, and the video group. 

We are all settling into our groups as we start to understand what we will be doing in the future. 

The marketing group´s task is to grow Navigation Games and make orienteering appealing to more people. We are working hard and already have many ideas for birthday parties, mini-series, and more!

The fundraising group´s challenge is to make up ways to raise money so Navigation Games can grow further as a non-profit. This group is one of the most important since it helps Navigation Games fund all the programs and curriculum delevopment that are essiental to achieving our mission.

The teaching group teaches young orienteers every Tuesday and Thursday. Their goal is to teach orienteering to as many people as possible, and to refine the curriculums for Cambridge 3rd grade PE and after-school programs. 

The video group’s goal is to make videos documenting what we’ll be doing all summer. They will also be working with the marketing, teaching, and fundraising group to make awesome videos! 

On Friday, we experienced orienteering as a group for the first time! 

We had team building activities and played Pokémon-O where each group had to find as many different types of Pokémon as possible.

The Pokémon were spread out in the woods, which made it challenging since we had to navigate using only our map to get many of them, but it was fun none of the less! 

We’re all excited to try and continue orienteering throughout the summer!

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