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Comic Strip #2!

We're happy to announce that comic strip #2 has been added to our At-Home Orienteering lessons. In this one, we learn about Feature Tag and Tabletop-O.

In Lesson 1, we explored the house and practiced hiding and finding things, and giving clues that use spatial relationship vocabulary. In Lesson 2, this lesson, we introduce the idea of using symbols to represent objects, and having a legend (or key) to keep track of what the symbols mean. The first game (Feature Tag) involves tagging an object based on the symbol that your partner points to - or you could draw symbols on pieces of paper and pick one at random from a bowl. In the second game, you draw a map using the symbols and then arrange the objects to match the map.

We hope that parents, kids and teachers will have fun with these games! Check out the lesson, and the comic strip, here.

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