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MSYEP Update

By Emie Gerard

On Mondays, the Mayor's Program kids do workshops to help them teach themselves about the values of orienteering.

On Tuesdays, the Mayor's Program youth go out and train in the woods, learning about the sport so they can improve their navigation skills while doing the activities.

On Wednesdays, we work on our tasks, such as video editing, media, and filming.

On Thursdays, Navigation Games hosts public events for orienteering. So far, with MSYEP, Navigation Games has hosted two events in Danehy park, for the public, on July 5th and July 12th. On the 5th, we hosted the Score-O and the Poison-O orienteering games. On the 12th, Navigation Gameds hosted the Animal-O, Symbol-O, and the newly added: Pokemon-O. We hosted these games, free to the public, so that the adults can also enjoy the sport of orienteering as much as the children do.

Lastly, Fridays. Fridays are when the Mayor Program Youth teach classes. The usual locations are the Morse school and the Frisoli school. We play most of the orienteering games that were previously mentioned, for example: Score-O. Score-O is a game where cones are set up and the kids got to each in no specific order. The objective is to get to every cone in the fastest way possible, so you can end up with the fastest time.

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