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K-8 Lesson Plan


A progression to teach map-reading while running around outside visiting checkpoints. Developed as a collaboration between Navigation Games and Cambridge Public Schools. Check out our elementary-level physical education plan and contact us for consultation on tailored lesson plans for your class!


Navigation Games staff, including Barb Bryant, Cristina Luis, Ethan Childs and Adam Miller, wrote the orienteering content of the lessons. Cambridge Public School teachers Katelyn Greene and Thomas Materazzo provided the SHAPE America standards and feedback on the lesson plans.

The orienteering lessons are based on curricula developed by Navigation Games in work from 2015 to 2019 with the Cambridge Community Schools JK-5 after-school classes (led by Barb Bryant, Ethan Childs and Adam Miller), and with JK-5 Physical Education classes at Cambridge Public Schools in the spring of 2018 (led by Melanie Serguiev). A previous four-lesson version was presented at the MAHPERD 2018 conference. 

Cambridge Public School teachers Linda Fobes and Julia Bishop advised Navigation Games on lesson plan development and welcomed us into their classrooms. Navigation Games teachers who contributed to the lessons and approach include Evalin Brautigam, Marie Berzinova, Tomáš Kamaryt, Keegan Harkavy, David Landrigan, Priya Landrigan, Juan de Oliveira, Pavla Zdrahalova de Oliveira, Juan Manuel Merida Sanchis, Violeta Feliciano, Eugenio Trevisio, Geoff Pingree, Anaka Landrigan, Jason Tong, Sarah Gregorio, Mike Porter, Anna Swan, and Anna Lenihan. In the summers, interns and high school students (most from the Cambridge, MA, Mayor's Summer Youth Employment Program) taught Navigation Games classes at summer camps. Kristin Hall and Julia Bishop helped those students develop lesson plans for the summer programs. Our summer staff included Ethan Childs, Isak Prellner, Evalin Brautigam, Adam Miller, Melanie Sergiev, Maiken Sandberg, and Marina Carlson. Interns and students included Aidan O'Keefe, Chanpera Toeumhernandez, Colin Harmer, Connor Bresnahan, Ellen Jacobson, Emie Gerard, Ethan Hall, Ethan Rothenberg, Gabriel Nielsen-Nunez, Hersh Kanner, Jackson Codd, Jeffrey Chen, Julia Armand, Keegan Harkavy, Lincoln Craven-Brightman, Lucas Oliveira-Chace, Maggie Bayly, Nathaniel Saintfort, Peter Cannistaro, Peter Phan, Phineas DeSola, Sarah Hughes, Sam Peck, Shanti Söderström, Shayne Thorpe, Sophia Price, Theo Boehm, Vincent Chen, Walter Ditrani, Yasser Elfathy, and Zoe McNerney. 

Erin Schirm (Orienteering USA coach) developed and shared with us orienteering lesson plans for middle school. The boundary run and game, as well as the gathering in response to a signal, were based on his first lesson plan. Erin’s approach of using games and emphasizing communication has been an inspiration.


Andrea Schneider of Orienteering USA and David Yee of Navigation Games observed and reported to us the use of Animal Orienteering at a European orienteering event.

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