Online Resources

Below is a list of online resourses for use in planning activities, finding materials, or learning more about orienteering. If you are searching for something specific and are unable to find it using the list below, feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to do our best in locating the information you need.


Challenge Sheet 1 - Contours

Challenge Sheet 2 - Orienteering terms - fill in the blank for the definition

Challenge Sheet 3 - Matching pairs

Challenge Sheet 4 - Quiz for experienced orienteers

Challenge Sheet 5 - Spot the difference between 2 maps

Challenge Sheet 6 - Orienteering word search

Challenge Sheet Answers

USA Orienteering Youth Leader Materials

Orienteering for the Young is an update of the original booklet by James Baker, first published in 1990. It is a guide for adults teaching orienteering to children, and is a useful review for young-at-heart newcomers to the sport.