Orienteering is an amazing sport to do with children and families. Aside from the benefits of being active and outdoors, orienteering also provides and excellent context for parent-child or sibling bonding. It is also accessible to all ages and abilites, from those who are just learning to walk all the way through seniors in their 90s and beyond!

The nature of orienteering encourages participants to identify upcoming challenges and work out possible solutions ahead of time in order to solve problems. This results in an open line of communication for groups participating together, and gives everyone a chance to learn something new while they're at it! On top of this, participants can spend some quality time travelling through nature, and often times will discover new sights or places, even in parks and forests they frequently visit.

For upcoming opportunities to orienteer, check out our list of online resources, or take a look at the schedules for some online resources. All events are beginner-friendly and open to the public unless otherwise noted. You can also take a look at our list of online resources to learn more about orienteering, or to find some activities to do right at home. 

Navigation Games can also provide private sessions for your family and friends as well. For more information about these opportunities, please online resources directly.

Mom and child with orienteering map