Orienteering is an amazing sport to do with children and families. Aside from the benefits of being active and outdoors, orienteering also helps develop many individual, life, and team skills.

Like many other sports, orienteering as part of a group helps people work together, and teamwork is especially important in order to solve the navigational challenges of moving from one point to another. Often times no single individual in a group will understand all the aspects of navigation and map reading, so everyone must contribute their knowledge and understanding in order for the group to function more effectively as a whole. Everyone develops their own personal orienteering skills as well in the process. This is also a chance to teach children the fundamentals of using maps to find their way, or perhaps a chance to teach mom and dad how to keep from getting lost!

In addition, orienteering provides an evironment where groups or individuals can learn to overcome one of the most challenging obstacles in life: not knowing what to do. Sometimes it happens, when a person or group gets lost in the forest, with no idea where they are or how to get back. Orienteering helps teach us to handle these difficult situations by remaining calm, collaborating with others, reflecting on what we know, and developing a plan for relocating and getting back on track. It's a scary thing, but whether you're out in the middle of the forest or overwhelmed with exams and projects in school, the same process of taking a deep breath and creating a plan to overcome your problems applies. 

At the end of the day, everyone who orienteers gains valuble experience in working with others, listening, contributing, and learning themselves how to read a map and handle difficult situations. It's like an all-in-one activity for personal development and preparing for the future.

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Mom and child with orienteering map