Vampire-O is a festive twist on Score-Orienteering (Score-O). Similar to a classic Score-O, participants may find checkpoints in any order, and may visit as many or as few checkpoints as they wish within the time limit. The "winner" is the person who finds the most checkpoints in the least amount of time.

Unlike classic Score-O, this event includes vampires! Lucky for us, Cambridge vampires are fairly tame, and are not after your blood. They're after your punchcard instead. If someone (let's call them Person A) is caught by a vampire (Person B), they will swap their punchard (containing all the checkpoints they've visited) with the vampire's. Now Person A is a vampire, and Person B is a normal participant trying to collect checkpoints. There are no tag-backs, so the new vampire must go elsewhere to find other prey. Not all vampires are bad, though. There may be one or two friendly vampires roaming around with buckets of candy, so look closely if you think a vampire is approaching.

Fortunately, there are several objects that help protect you from the vampires. These objects are hidden at various checkpoints around the course, but no one knows ahead of time which immunity items are where. It's first-come, first-serve. The immunity items include a garlic chain, a cross, and a gallon of holy water (yes, you have to carry this with you the entire time). If a vampire tries to vamp you, but you or your team possess one of these immunities, then you are safe from the vampire and may proceed to collect as many checkpoints as you wish without fear!

Prizes are given out according to no particular system. Someone may receive a prize for being last-place, while someone else may receive one for returning with the dirtiest punch card.

Please be sure to bring your own flahslight, and dress according to the weather. 

Detailed Breakdown of the Rules:

This event is score-O style; participants are trying to collect as many checkpoints as possible within the time limit.

Returning to the finish after the time limit has expired will result in a loss of 1-point per minute late, starting from the beginning of each minute. Returning 20 seconds late will result in a loss of 1-point. Returning 4:56 late will result in a loss of 5 points.

Before the start, each team will receive a map and a punch card (they will not look at these until the start time). When the race starts, participants will reveal their punch cards. If the card is marked with a red "V", it means that person or team is a vampire. Teams without any special markings on their card may immediately proceed to finding checkpoints. Vampires will give other participants a brief head-start, and will receive a red glowstick. All teams (vampires or not), must stay together for the entire race. No splitting up is allowed as this can result in confusion if part of a team is caught by a vampire.

In order for someone to be "vamped" (caught by a vampire), the vampire(s) must tag one member of the target team. At this point, the vampire(s) and the other participant(s) will trade punch cards and the red glowstick. The previous vampire now has a normal punchcard (including all of the punches collected by that team), and the participant now has a punchcard marked with a red "V" along with the red glowstick.

PLEASE NOTE: We're all here to have FUN! If a vampire gets close and vamps you or your team, please honor the game and trade cards with the vampire. Do not just run off. Not only does this ruin the game for others, but it is also cheating. Teams identified and reported for such behavior will be deducted points, or—in extreme circumstances—may be disqualified. There are also no tag-backs, and no puppy-guarding. Vampires must stay at least ~50 feet away from checkpoints including the finish.

Immunity items protect entire teams from vampires, even if just one individual is carrying the item. Again, teams must stay together to prevent confusion. Immunity items are only effective as long as a team possesses them. If a team finds the holy water, they must carry it with them throughout the course in order to be protected by the vampire. Same goes for the cross and the garlic chain. If a vampire attempts to vamp a team with an immunity, the team needs only to present the immunity item to the vampire, and then proceed with their race. 

Counterfeit immunity items are not allowed, and attempting to use one may result in the offending team's disqualification.

REMINDER: This event is intended to be FUN! We encourage competition and strategy, but would like to emphasize that good sportsmanship and positive attitudes are what make the event enjoyable for everybody involved. As long as everyone has a good time, we're all winners!