Maze-O is an excellent little training exercise that is suitable for all ages and experience levels, from the newest beginners to national champions. What makes Maze-O such an effective activity is the simplicity of having to read a map, plan a route, and execute that plan on a basic level. As participants become more advanced they will be able to navigate the maze more quickly and accurately. This is turn will encourage them to read the map and make decisions more quickly, as decision-points and turns come up more quickly when their speed increases.

Tha maze Navigation Games typically uses is contructed from a 7x7 grid. This can be made with either stakes and string placed in the ground, or drawn with chalk on a basketball or tennis court. Checkpoints are placed throughout the maze, and participants are provided with a basic point-to-point course that guides them from one checkpoint to the next. The maps we use are also cut out in a circle. We do this to encourage participants to rotate the map in their hands as they navigate the maze in order to keep everything matched up properly. Trying to find checkpoints in a maze becomes a very difficult challenge if the map you're using isn't properly aligned with the walls of the maze, so this becomes a good opportuity to highlight the importance of map-orientation as well.