Animal O

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Animal Orienteering

Controls are scattered around an area with a known boundary. Each control has a picture of an animal. Levels of the game:

  1. Touch as many cones as you can find. How many were there?
  2. Each cone has an animal on it. Look at each animal and see if you can remember all 10 when you get back.
  3. Use this punch card to check in at each control, to prove you were there. Did you get them all? How long did it take you?
  4. Do it again, and beat your time.
  5. Visit these 5 animals in this order (card they carry with them).
  6. Do it again, and beat your time.
  7. Do it again, without the card. Did you beat your best time again?
  8. Repeat 5-8 but with a different set of 5 animals.
  9. Repeat 5-8 but with a series of 10 animals.
  10. Draw or look at a map of the checkpoints. If I point to one, can you run and touch it?
  11. At home base, see if the team can remember which control had which animal, and write it on the map.
  12. Go out in the field as a group and check that the map is correct.
  13. Courses on the map that has the animals shown on it
  14. Courses on the map but with no animals on it (but the numbers are given in a clue sheet).
  15. Courses on the map with no animals and no clue sheet.

Teachers can make this easy on themselves by allowing any child the power to certify completion of a level that they themselves have already completed. They can help teach too.