Navigation Games is full of fun and educational activities for all ages and ability ranges. Each of these activities are designed to practice specific skills, and present different kinds of challenges for participants to consider. And, of course, they are all tons of fun as well!


Animal-O is one of our most popular activities for children up to about 10 years old. This activity is more heavily focused on having fun than learning any concrete navigational skills, but it does begin to develop spatial awareness, pattern identification, and physical fitness.


Vampire-O is a festive orienteering event that works best with large groups of people. Vampire-O is based on a variation of orienteering called Score-O (where participants may visit checkpoints in any order they wish), but with an added tag component.

Poison Score-O

Poison Score-O was developed as a way to encourage precise map-reading. In this format, participants must visit locations marked on the map, while avoiding checkpoints not displayed on the map.


Maze-O functions a lot like it sounds. It's orienteering, but in a maze! This can be anything from a chalk maze on the ground, to an elaborate corn maze. This activity emphasizes map orientation, and planning ahead.


Grid-O is used as an introductory activity before introducing a full-blown map. By using a grid of cones (or other objects), children start to develop an understanding of relative positioning and map-orientation.