School Teams

Navigation Games provides direct support to the orienteering teams in the Cambridge Public School District and would love to help you develop your own team at your school.

Orienteering teams in Cambridge schools were launched in Fall 2017 and will continue in Fall 2018.  In addition to a team at CRLS there are middle school teams at CSUS, PAUS, and Amigos. In the fall of 2018 we plan to expand to the remaining middle schools in the CPSD.

For more information about the orienteering teams in Cambridge Public Schools or for help in starting your own team, please contact us at


Here's a sampling of the kinds of activities we do with our school teams and programs. Contact us for more! 

Schoolground Course

Even schoolgrounds in densely populated areas offer up plenty of fun orienteering opportunities! Set a regular point-to-point course, or have your students run loops in different orders, even have a relay competition, all using a map of your school. Contact us if you'd like help getting a map made of your school campus.

orienteering map with courseA CSUS orienteering course


There are many variations to regular orienteering courses and one of our favorites is Memory-O! For this activity the students don't carry a map but instead memorize the route and location of each control from a map located at the previous control. This activity helps students visualize the terrain around them and learn to simplify routes. 


Compass Exercise

This exercise is to practice following a compass. Students can do this in the woods or a park, or even on an empety soccer field. The "map" contains no details, just lines to be followed. There should be something at each of the numbered controls so that the students know they've made it to the right point.  

Blank map with lines for compass exerciseMap for compass exercise