Corporate Events

Orienteering is unique among sports in the amount of mental focus required to be successful. Fortunately, this makes orienteering an excellent activity when encouraging groups to work together in order to solve complicated scenarios. Often times, no one individual posesses all the knowledge necessary for a project or task to be successful. Even if they do, we still depend on others to help us accomplish our more ambitious goals.

At Navigtion Games, we design our activities so that teams who take the time to think and work together will experience the most success. Many of the challenges we incorporate revolve around assessing the knowledge of different team members, emphasizing good communication, and dividing up responsibility in order to achieve efficiency. We are also able to adjust our activities to suit particular needs or goals of your group, such as learning how to actively listen, practice patience and/or quick decision-making, or even communicating effectively over the phone! 

Pricing for our corporate programs is dependent on the number of participants, duration of the activity, and type of activity delivered. For details about pricing and availablility, be sure to contact us at least two months before the desired date of your program.